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One of the oldest and established personal training facility's in Arizona. John Allen is known for getting results for clients and taking them to the next level. John Allen and his staff make up over 75 years of training experience. Whether you are 14 or 75, John Allen's Personal Training will accommodate you and tailor your program to your needs. Fitness and training is their passion. He and his staff take pride into making you the best you that you can be.


With an impressive 44 years in the business, John Allen's Personal Training has stood the test of time, solidifying its reputation as a trusted provider of fitness services. Throughout the years, we've continuously adapted to changing trends and evolving technologies, ensuring our clients receive the most effective and up-to-date training methodologies.  


  • I've been working out at John Allen's Personal Training for over 3 years and my body has completely transformed in that time. I am going on 51 years old and I've never felt better inside and out. Thank you John and the training team for your expertise and dedication to all of your clients. Love you mucho
  • Hello, my name is Lori Savachika. I am 53 years old and finally in the best shape of my life. From May 1st 2017 until April 30th 2018 I lost 100 pounds. I have gone from 227 pounds to 127 and have lost over 100 inches. It has been an incredible journey and has taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of. The journey all started the day I walked into John Allen's Personal Training. With the help from John and all of the other trainers here I was able to transform myself. This was the best investment I have ever made. Everyone at John Allen's is like family to me now. I am now working towards doing a fitness competition which has always been a bucket list item for me. I know with the help of all of the trainers and their encouragement I will be able to mark this off my list as well.
  • John Allen and his team of personal trainers helped me lose 12 pounds, 15% body fat, tone my muscles,  and drop 2 dress sizes. Not only did they help me reach my personal goals, they were a bundle of laughs. If you're serious about reshaping your body, go see John and his team. Thank you, John!
  • My name is JoAnn Hoang , and this is my story. I'm a single mom that had twins in 2011 and recently had another baby in 2013. I was blessed with having 3 beautiful girls! After my last pregnancy I was at my largest, weighing in a nearly 180lbs. I had tried working out on my own going to the gym, however I was not seeing any results! I was pretty devastated, until my sister Stephanie Hoang, who had been working with John Allen and his team of trainers to tone up, paid for a month session for me on my birthday. I was pretty skeptical about having a trainer help me lose weight. Once I started I was amazed by the staff. They didn't judge me or look at me like I was a lost cause! My trainer Ryan worked with my sister and I, teaching us methods , workout routines, and correct forms of working out. Which has helped me get my progress that I have today! They also helped with my nutritional diet! Within the last 4 -5 months I have lost 30 lbs and many many inches! They have worked with me since day one pushing me to get where I am today! They still continue to work with me through this weight loss journey, and have not given up on me, as I have given up many times before! They're still pushing me to exceed my limits and reach my goals! I want to thank John Allen and his staff for helping me build my confidence, and showing me that persistence and a little help can make all things possible! They made what I thought was impossible to being possible !
  • My husband, Rob, has cognitive impairment.  His neurologist said regular physical exercise was very important for the brain.  A friend recommended John Allen and I now recommend him and his staff. Ryan, Rob's assigned trainer, stays with him continually throughout each hour session, patiently keeping him on track.  John and staff help Rob and accommodate my schedule. I am very grateful. Roslyn Robson
  • I started with John Allen’s Personal Training 12 year ago.  I was coming off a knee surgery and needed to get back into good physical shape. I reached out to a few private trainers in the Chandler area and even tried a few. I felt John and his trainers actually understood how to help me achieve my training goals and how to work with me especially while recovering for my knee injury.  John’s team does not make you fit into their “fad” workouts, They adjust their training to meet your needs.  They did such a great job that 12 years later I’m still training with John Allen’s Personal Training.  John and his team treat you more like part of their family and not just a client.
  • The best trainers I have ever had. They keep me motivated because, for me, It is never easy - but it's always worth it. I would highly recommend John Allen and his staff to anybody who is looking to get fit and taking it to the next level.
  • I have been a part of John Allen's Personal Training family for six years. During that time my bi-weekly training sessions have challenged me to become stronger and more fit - while having fun at the same time! Working out at John's is a great way to stay in shape!
  • I have been training with John Allen's Personal Training for almost a year and he has changed my life. He knows exactly how to train my body to sculpt my muscles. I love every training session because it challenges me to work harder and harder. I love seeing changes on my body with more muscle mass. Thank you, John for being an amazing and challenging trainer.
  • My name is Amanda Appleberry. I work out at John Allen's Personal Training.  I have lost a lot of weight and have enjoyed the process.  When I started John Allen's Personal Training I was at my wits end and came to him in tears almost.  The process has been rewarding and have made new friends.  I went from 175 lbs to 148 lbs and I feel healthier and stronger.
  • I started personal training three times per week with John Allen and staff in January 2015. I had recently lost a lot of weight and needed to tone up and get my heart in shape.  I have never been very athletic, but I had started running and knew that cardio alone wasn't going to get me where I wanted to be. I have only lost about 10lbs since January, but I'm down from a size 14 to a size 10! The gym is like a family.  We talk about anything and everything and the people that work out together all get to know each other.  If you want to get in shape with people who really care about you, call John Allen. :)
  • I've been training at John Allen's for the past three years and I am extremely happy with my results. While my results haven't all been physical, I've never been in better shape mentally and my self confidence has grown tremendously. All of the trainers make working out fun and they encourage me to meet new goals. I look forward to my training days!
  • I truly enjoy working out with John and his team. Whilst each trainer employs a different technique of training, each is consistent in their commitment to helping me reach my fitness goals. I like being partnered with a trainer that understands where my opportunities for growth lie and pushes me to improve. Whether its diet, rest, intensity, technique etc. The staff is knowledgeable and can help guide you through the many complications of fitness to help ensure you achieve your goals.
  • My name is Margie Colon. I started at John Allen's Arizona Body Sculpturing about 17 months ago. The experience has been hard, exciting, fun, but above all successful! I started as a size 22, so far I'm down to a size 14, yay! I'm still in the process of getting slimmer, but I am closer to my goal. I highly recommend John Allen's Arizona Body Sculpturing, it is the best decision I made. The trainers are awesome, full of energy and enthusiasm. It is a great place to start your journey.
  • When I moved to Arizona from Oregon in July 1996, I had already had a serious weight problem for about a decade. My ideal weight is 120lbs, but after high school, the scale had fluctuated from 150 lbs., all the way up to 210 lbs., after I had my son. In that ten years, I had tried everything to lose the extra pounds. I would succeed, of course, but then, like most people, I would put the weight back on, usually adding a couple of more pounds.
  • My name is Debi, and I am blind with almost no perception of light anymore. For me, and other individuals with disabilities, staying fit can definitely be a challenge. Getting around a busy, loud gym can be a little intimidating at times. That’s why I love working out here at John Allen’s Arizona Body Sculpturing. For the past 3 years, John and his personal trainers have given me that boost of motivation and positive feedback that I need when old eating habits & temporary setbacks arise. Working out at John Allen’s has also helped me prepare and feel confident to continue my love of hiking and successfully complete the 15.5 mile South Mountain Trek. These days, thanks to the muscle and endurance training I receive at JA’s, I am stronger both inside and out and there’s no stopping me from reaching my future fitness goals!



Our certified personal trainers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to help you get the most out of your workouts. They are experts in the fields of fitness and weight loss and are the best people to help you create a dynamic, effective workout plan. Trainers create a safe, efficient program tailored specifically to meet your needs.