John has been in the fitness business since the early 80’s when the fitness became a more popular sport and became more mainstream. His bright beginnings started when he founded Fit For Life. His early career started with an idea along with his love and passion to help others reach their fitness goals and maintain their health. In 1984 John gained recognition by appearing on Good Morning America. After that, John’s business took off. He has been chosen as one of the top trainers in the country. Over the years John has trained and worked with some of Arizona’s top athlete’s and celebrities. He is the “OG” of AZ in personal training. John has stayed consistent in his beliefs of staying fit and healthy regardless of all the fitness fads that have come and gone. There are many changes in training, however, weights along with nutrition are his main theories in keeping fit.

John is a legend and kept his business a family business. John has brought in his sons, who were athletes and continue to stay fit and have brought in fresh ideas and sports backgrounds for clients. Along with John’s other trainers, and their fitness backgrounds, John’s team takes all fitness needs and wants to another level. John’s team is ready for you to start making changes or to bring you to a whole new level.

You are welcomed to come in and see our facility and meet with John for a complimentary session. You are on your way to better fitness and health just by taking the first steps researching. Now is your time to start. We are here for you and will help you get where you want to go to be fit.