Our certified personal trainers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to help you get the most out of your workouts. They are experts in the fields of fitness and weight loss and are the best people to help you create a dynamic, effective workout plan. Trainers create a safe, efficient program tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Personal trainers are also great motivators and can help keep you energized and excited as you make a commitment to a healthier way of life. They will always be cheering for you as you work to achieve your goals. Whether you are new to an exercise or you are working to improve your skills in a certain area, a personal trainer is your ultimate coach!

Michael Allen

Since 2006

Has been training at John Allen's Personal Training since 2006. This has grown to become a passion of mine. I enjoy training people on a daily basis. I specialized in nutrition and sports related injuries.

Ryan Rush

Since 2013

I received my certifications from the National Personal Training Institute of Columbus. I Like to incorporate power-lifting and combat training to keep my clients moving at a steady pace.

Tarrance "Master T" Alfred

Since 2013

Clients enjoy specialized training in Martial Arts Fitness. Sessions include kickboxing, jumprope, core development, body sculpting, increased flexibility and stress reduction. Contact Master T to begin your new fitness journey!

Brandon Allen

Since 2009

I've been a personal trainer since 2009. As a former college athlete I specialize in speed agility, sports strengthening, and functional . I love challenging my clients while making their sessions fun.


Since 2009

Lisa Rast

Since 2019

Joined John Allen's Personal Training to offer Rock Steady Boxing as a certified coach and personal trainer. Along with Rock Steady Boxing, Lisa also specializes in women’s weight loss, nutrition, and functional fitness.